Introductory Training

2 Day Introduction to ISTDP

27 – 28 April 2018
10:00am – 5:00pm
EARLYBIRD £395.00 (ends 28 January 2018)

ISTDP-UK Core Training

This 3-year course covers the following:

The evaluation interview, or “trial therapy”

Psychodynamic assessment

Development of a strong therapeutic alliance

Assessment of anxiety pathways and skills for effective anxiety regulation

Skills to overcome maladaptive defence patterns and develop more adaptive patterns of relating

Facilitating therapeutic experience of emotions

Conducting outcome evaluations after the termination of the therapy

ISTDP-UK trainers are accredited by the IEDTA and trainings are delivered in consultation with expert training consultant, Robert J. Neborsky, MD.

We also run a course for clinicians who wish to progress to become ISTDP trainers.

“For many individuals attachment trauma is at the core of psychoneurosis and personality disorder. Combining theoretical aspects of psychodynamic therapy, developmental neuroscience, and attachment styles pro- vides a useful framework for intensifying emotion and accelerating the course of treatment.”

Robert J. Neborsky, MD. Brain, Mind and dyadic change processes (2006)

Core Training Schedule

ISTDP-UK Core Group 9

Dates to be confirmed for late 2018

To register your interest, please email:

ISTDP-UK Core Group 8

1 space remaining



This three-year course is made up of six 2-day blocks per year. Participants are asked to commit to one year’s training at a time, and progression to the following year is by mutual agreement.

Venue:          London NW3

Times:           Friday 10am – 6pm / Saturday 9am – 5pm

Fees:              £400 per block


Alex Knowles, psychoanalytic psychotherapist

Dr Sharon Lewis, chartered clinical psychologist

Robert J. Neborsky, MD



Year 1

23 – 24 February 2018
20 – 21 April 2018
29 – 30 June 2018
7 – 8 September 2018
9 – 10 November 2018

Year 2

To be confirmed

ISTDP-UK Core Group 7

Course full



ISTDP-UK Core Training 7 commences in Central London in November 2016. This 3-year course is made up of six 2-day blocks per year.

Venue: London NW3
Times: Monday 10am – 6pm / Tuesday 9am – 5pm
Fees: £400 per block

Trainers: Alex Knowles, Dr Sharon Lewis, Robert J. Neborsky, MD


Year 1
Monday 21st & Tuesday 22nd November 2016
Monday 23rd & Tuesday 24th January 2017
Monday 27th & Tuesday 28th March 2017
Monday 22nd & Tuesday 23rd May 2017
Monday 10th & Tuesday 11th July 2017
Year 2
18-19 September 2017
20-21 November 2017
22-23 January 2018
19 – 20 March 2018
21-22 May 2018
9-10 July 2018

ISTDP-UK Core Group 6 – 2016/2017

Course full



ISTDP-UK Core Training Group (Core Group 6) commenced in Central London in Autumn 2015. This 3-year course is made up of six 2-day weekends per year.

Year 2
Friday 16th & Saturday 17th September 2016
Friday 25th & Saturday 26th November 2016
Friday 27th & Saturday 28th January 2017
Friday 17th & Saturday 18th March 2017
Friday 19th & Saturday 20th May 2017
Friday 14th & Saturday 15th July 2017
Year 3
15-16 September 2017
24-25 November 2017
26-27 January 2018
16-17 March 2018
18–19 May 2018
13-14 July 2018

ISTDP-UK Core Group 5 – 2016/2017

Course full



A core training group based in London and Oxford, co-ordinated by ISTDP-UK started in September 2014.

The trainers for this group are Dr.Robert Neborsky, Alexandra Knowles and Sharon Lewis.

ISTDP-UK Core training is delivered through six, 2-day blocks per year, over a period of three years. The fee for each block is £400.
Dates/trainers may be subject to change in unavoidable circumstances.

Training will take place in Oxford, unless otherwise stated. The dates for this group are:

Year 3
Friday 9th – Saturday 10th September 2016 (Central London)
Friday 18th – Saturday 19th November 2016
Friday 13th – Saturday 14th January 2017
Sunday 19th – Monday 20th March 2017
Friday 12th – Saturday 13th May 2017
Friday 30th June – Saturday 1st July 2017