New Publications

Maximizing Effectiveness in Dynamic Psychotherapy

Patricia Coughlin
Price: £24.99

Reaching Through Resistance

Advanced Psychotherapy Techniques
Allan Abbass MD
Published by Seven leaves Press
Price: £32.51

Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy: A Reference

Nat Kuhn


Road Map to the Unconscious – 2012

Mastering Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy
By Josette Ten Have-De Labije and Robert M. Neborsky

Co-Creating Change – 2013

Effective Dynamic Therapy Techniques
By Jon Frederickson

To hear Jon Frederickson being interviewed about his new book, click here.

Intensive Short-term Dynamic Psychotherapy

Selected Papers of Habib Davanloo
By Habib Davanloo
Price: £80.75

Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy

By Patricia Coughlin, PhD
Price: £14.40

Lives Transformed

By Patricia Coughlin, Ph.D. and David Malan, DM, FRCPsych
Published by Karnac
Price: £19.99

Neuropsychotherapy: How the Neurosciences Inform Effective Psychotherapy

By Klaus Grawe
Published by Routledge
Price: £23.27

Healing Trauma: Attachment, Mind, Body, and Brain

Edited by Marion F. Solomon and Daniel J. Siegel
Published by Norton
Price: £30.00

Complex Secret of Brief Psychotherapy: A Panorama of Approaches

By James Paul Gustafson
Price: £28.38

Short-Term Therapy for Long-Term Change

By Marion F. Solomon, Robert J. Neborsky, Leigh McCullough, Michael Alpert, Francine Shapiro, David
Published by Norton
Price: £21.37