ISTDP-UK: Core Training, Group 5 (2014-2017)

by Catherine Colley, Psychotherapist

After a thoroughly intense but personally and professionally fulfilling three years of training with ISTDP-UK trainers Alex Knowles (Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist), Sharon Lewis (Chartered Clinical Psychologist) and Rob Neborsky, MD, our group finally celebrated our graduation at the Freud Museum on the 20th November 2017.   Hend Farza captured the moments of the day with some wonderfully vivid photos.

It was an honour to receive our certificates in the shadow of the great man Sigmund Freud himself, who I am sure would be delighted to know that his work is still so valued, dissected  – as well as challenged today.   We were also in the shadows of our own great ISTDP master-trainer, Dr Rob Neborsky who was over from Del Mar, California to celebrate our day with us. Dr Neborsky also presented two cases illustrating techniques to treat cases of extreme anxiety, in a day-long symposium at the Freud Museum.  I am under no illusions that I will be able to match his quick witted, incise and creative style of working with patients.  However, it was a pleasure to watch his work during the Symposium –  where he makes it look so effective and easy.

Easy is not a word that springs to mind when describing my experience of the 3-year core training.  It has not been easy exposing my work to the group and my experience has been anxiety-making at times, but any judgement I felt was coming from me!    The ISTDP community is a small one, but a very nurturing one. As a therapist with a private practice, I have particularly valued the support and friendships. Overall my experience of the training has been a rewarding one.

My work has improved – I can see the results (mostly)!   Although I want to add, very quickly, I still feel that I’m at the beginning of this ISTDP journey – and so I have embarked upon the advanced training this year.  I suppose I feel less like a child in this process and more like a young adult – and at last I can declare myself a trained ISTDP therapist!

Catherine Colley, Psychotherapist