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    • The ISTDP-UK core training consists of eighteen training blocks over a period of three years (six blocks per year). Each core training block is two days.
    • Fees: Each two-day block costs £450. The total cost of training in each year is £2700. In order to secure your place we require you to pay for the first two blocks in advance, so the initial payment due on acceptance is £900.
    • By accepting a place, you are making a commitment to the first year of training. If you withdraw from the training during the first year, you will still be liable for the fees for all six blocks. Thereafter, you will be expected to commit to the whole of each subsequent year’s training, and related fees, at the beginning of that year.
    • On request, payment can be made in three instalmentsover each year of training. You will be provided with the relevant dates indicating when instalments are due. There will be a 5% admin fee for late payment of fees. If fees remain unpaid on the first day of the relevant block, then attendance at that block will be at the discretion of ISTDP-UK and the late payment fee will increase to 10%.
    • Trainees will be expected to attain a certain level of competency in order to progress to the next year. Continuation from one training year to the next will be by mutual agreement between ISTDP-UK and the trainee.
    • If you are unable to attend a particular block for any reason, then payment must still be made on time. At the discretion of ISTDP-UK, you may be able to make up the missed block at a later date.

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