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On October 27th 2023 the Dr David Malan Memorial Conference took place at the Royal Society of Medicine in London, UK.

Organised by ISTDP UK, the UK’s premier ISTDP training organisation, (which was inaugurated by David Malan after the first conference in 2006), this was a rich programme of presentations celebrating the development of ISTDP in the UK.

David Malan was particularly keen that ISTDP should be offered within the NHS (National Health Service) and it was a real celebration to hear from Dr Susan Hajkowski, Dr James Louis, Dr Leo Russell and Dr Javier Malda Castillo about how they have integrated ISTDP into their services in public-funded healthcare.

Jenny Malan, David’s wife, gave a moving presentation about his passion for psychotherapy rooted in scientific research, and his painstaking studies over the years to develop a model of brief psychotherapy which was effective with demonstrably replicable results.

When he met Habib Davanloo, all his professional efforts went into collaborating in getting ISTDP research findings written up and published, and to establishing training in this exciting model.

A video recording was presented from an ISTDP conference in Canada in 2008 in which David Malan was interviewed by Dr Robert Neborsky about his work as a psychoanalyst, his research, his own analysis with Winnicott and about his relationship with Davanloo.

Master ISTDP practitioners Dr Robert Neborsky, Alexandra Knowles and Dr Susan Hajkowski gave video presentations of ISTDP therapy in action, offering to the diverse audience a great opportunity to see this powerful and elegant therapy in real sessions. The audience was able to observe, in Malan’s own words, how, when skilfully applied, “quite suddenly, there is a complete change in the atmosphere of the session, resistance evaporates, and the patient begins to make communications from the depth of his being, throwing unmistakable light on the origin of the whole of his neurosis”.

The energy of the event was truly celebratory and there was a real sense of appreciation and gratitude to this pioneer without whom ISTDP would not have developed into the cutting-edge therapy it has become.

The conference will be offered in an online format on 19th January 2024 and it’s a vital opportunity to engage in a retrospective celebration of David Malan’s life and work as well as to hear of how this modality is being integrated into leading psychotherapy services today. Full details can be found here, including the link to buy tickets:

Heather McCartney