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Lorna Goree – Obituaries


Lorna participated in the second group of trainees to undertake ISTDP training in the UK.  and as such she was a pioneer in the days when there was a lot of hostility to ISTDP.  In those early difficult days Lorna was extremely supportive to me for which I will always be grateful.  She took on [...]

Lorna Goree – Obituaries2020-07-02T09:56:23+01:00

Attachment-based ISTDP


  "Attachment theory is a theory without a therapy. What I believe we are doing in our work is ‘attachment therapy’. We are dealing with the unconscious, repressed component of the attachment trauma and we are bringing that part into the therapeutic relationship – so that at the end the therapeutic relationship can ultimately become a [...]

Attachment-based ISTDP2018-05-25T14:04:09+01:00

ISTDP Immersion courses in Switzerland with Professor Allan Abbass


For the past three years, our colleagues in the Swiss Society for Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (www.istdp.ch) have organised a series of training modules with Professor Allan Abbass. Professor Abbass (www.reachingthroughresistance.com) is the Director of the Centre for Emotions and Health at Dalhousie University (www.istdp.ca)  and these events are a welcome opportunity to see his [...]

ISTDP Immersion courses in Switzerland with Professor Allan Abbass2018-03-28T18:53:27+01:00

Book release: Hidden From View


Dr Allan Abbass, Director of the Centre for Emotions and Health at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada and Dr Howard Schubiner, MD, an internist at Providence Hospital and Michigan State University College of Human Medicine, are releasing a new book "Hidden From View" aiming to help clinicians understand and treat Psychophysiologic Disorders Hidden From View is [...]

Book release: Hidden From View2018-03-26T21:22:56+01:00

New Research paper: ISTDP for Functional Neurological Symptoms


"A preliminary evaluation of intensive short-term dynamic psychotherapy within a functional neurological symptoms service". Leo A. Russell, Ann C. Turner & Philip J. Yates.   This outcome study evaluated quality of life and emotional wellbeing of patients referred with functional neurological symptoms (FNS).  These conditions include symptoms such as: psychogenic non-epileptic seizures, functional weakness, fatigue [...]

New Research paper: ISTDP for Functional Neurological Symptoms2018-02-01T21:10:00+00:00

Core Group 5 Graduation, Freud Museum, London, November 2017


ISTDP-UK: Core Training, Group 5 (2014-2017) by Catherine Colley, Psychotherapist After a thoroughly intense but personally and professionally fulfilling three years of training with ISTDP-UK trainers Alex Knowles (Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist), Sharon Lewis (Chartered Clinical Psychologist) and Rob Neborsky, MD, our group finally celebrated our graduation at the Freud Museum on the 20th November 2017.   Hend [...]

Core Group 5 Graduation, Freud Museum, London, November 20172018-03-26T21:34:14+01:00

Q&A with Alexandra Knowles


Q. How did you first become aware of or interested in ISTDP? A. In 2006, after many years working as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist, I had moved out of London and was intending to retire when I attended the First Oxford Conference put on by David and Jennie Malan. I was totally blown away by what [...]

Q&A with Alexandra Knowles2018-01-23T14:08:15+00:00

Q & A with Dr Sharon Lewis


Chartered Clinical Psychologist and ISTDP Trainer and Supervisor Q. How did you first become interested in ISTDP? A. In 2006, browsing through the magazine of the Division of Clinical Psychology British Psychological Society, I came across an advert placed by Jennie Malan about an ISTDP conference to be held in Oxford. I remember she promised [...]

Q & A with Dr Sharon Lewis2018-01-23T14:08:16+00:00



The trainees of the ISTDP-UK Core Training, 4th cohort, had their graduation ceremony on 15 May 2015, having successfully completed their 3 years of Core Training in September 2014 with Dr Robert Neborsky and Dr Josette ten-Have-de-Labije. The group of five graduates included Sarah Corfe, Gordon Cunningham, James Louis, Miles Pulver and Anthony Theuninck. The event took [...]

CORE 4 GRADUATES2018-01-23T14:08:16+00:00
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